About Us

Protech Systems is an ODM manufacturer specialized in Point-Of-Service hardware solutions.

Research Development

Research Development

Innovation is the key element.
Despite heavy competition in the technology industry, Protech Systems has become a leader in the 21st century through its research and development. Our strength in R&D comes from vertical integration of hardware, software, mechanics, computer-aided-design, and quality engineering, improving our control over product development. While working with qualified professionals to provide solutions in the marketplace, Protech System’s R&D team places key emphasis on innovation for unique, value-added products to maintain our leading status in the industry. Flexibility is key in OEM/ODM services, so we are dedicated to collecting and analyzing the latest trends in industry requirements to develop diverse products and services for our customers. This dedication to self-improvement connects well with our promise to satisfy your individual needs as a customer. Your problems are our problems. Choose Protech Systems – it’s the right choice.

R&D Structure

R&D staff at Protech Systems occupy nearly 30% of our total workforce. The R&D division consists of 6 teams: Electronic Engineering (EE), Software Engineering (SE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Quality Engineering, Computer-Assisted-Design (CAD), Application Engineering (AE), and Product Management (PM).